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Meet The Crew

 See “The Legend of Hallowdega” cast and crew talk about the project, favorite Halloween memories, and more! This section includes conversations with Co-Stars David Arquette & Justin Kirk, Racing Legend Darrell Waltrip, Casting Director Margery Simkin, Production Designer and Actor, Gill Gayle, as well as a special Terry Gilliam outtakes reel.



I wonder who drove the phantom car DW was talking about?

Ron Bouchard in the 1981 Talladega 500. It was his only win in the premiere series (then the Winston cup). Bouchard went down on the inside of DW and Terry as they were battling to just inch ahead at the line. DW was reported as saying "Where the hell did he come from?" as he realized Bouchard's car had beat him to the line.

Maybe it was that Black GM # 3 DW & Dale were always fighting for the win.

I don't mean to start anything....but I am from Selma, Alabama, and grew up on Pettus Street, mere blocks from "Sturdivant Hall" mentioned by Gill Gayle. Sturdivant Hall IS NOT haunted by Jeffrey th Ghost. The ghost that haunts Sturdivant Hall is supposedly the ghost of the original owner.

Jeffrey haunts the private home of Kathryn Tucker Windham.

Please refer to the following websites for more information.....

In reference to the story told by Gill Gayle....I grew up on Pettus Street, in Selma, Alabama, mere blocks from Sturdivant Hall. Jeffrey does not haunt Sturdivan Hall. The ghost that haunts Sturdivant Hall is thought to be that of the original owner. Jeffrey haunts the private residence of Kathryn Tucker Windham. For more information please see the following sites....


Sorry didn't mean to post that twice.....I thought it didn't post the first time.....

I Love Nascar and all the characters involved in it. This Legend Of hallowdega was extremely funny. David Arquette was definitely the perfect fit for the lead role. Keep up the good work and Great Races Nascar!!! I can't wait for each weekend when Nascar is in season. You know you will always see Great Races and Awesome Competition. A Fan For Life!!!!

That is a great question Ivan. I wonder if we pushed Darrell hard enough do you think he would remember? Better yet, Did Nascar recognize the Ghost Car as the official Winner?

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